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Licences 4 Work can offer Job Network Provider Organisations the First Aid Certicate Course at an absolutely discounted rate. Only $75 per person.


Our First Aid Certicate is a 1 day course. Once bookings are confirmed, Participants will be sent precourse materials to complete. They are then required to attend their 1 day practical day training to complete the requirements of the course.


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About this course

This course is suitable for participants who wish to gain the skills and knowledge required to provide first aid response, life support, management of casualty(s), the incident and other first aiders, until the arrival of medical or other assistance.

It is suitable for participants who desire to have and apply the skills and knowledge relating to the unit of competency in both the community setting and the workplace.


Therefore the program is suitable if you:

  • Are required by industry (employers for example) to act as a First Aid Officer as required by state/territory or commonwealth legislation
  • Have previously completed a course in "Providing basic emergency life support" (or equivalent) and wish to update your skills and knowledge and renew your certificate
  • Would like to hold a certificate to improve your prospects for employment or advancement in your career
  • Would like to play a role in correctly responding to incidents/accidents in the workplace and/or the community


On successful completion of this course participants will be issued with a:

HLTAID003 - Apply First Aid

Statement of Attainment incorporating 'Perform CPR' and 'Provide Basic Emergency Life Support". Current industry standard is for this course to be updated every 3 years with the CPR component being updated every 12 months.


There are no pre-requisites or co-requisites for this competency unit.

Course format

The program is divided into two parts – Part 1 and Part 2

Part 1 – pre course training (self study) and multiple choice questions - Standard course participants only

Part 2 – theory and practical training followed by assessment

Courses and options on offer:

Standard Course

This option is suitable for those who do not hold a First Aid certificate or have attained their previous certificate more than 3 years ago (calculated at the time of attendance).

Refresher Course

This option is suitable for those that have a current or First Aid certificate and who would like to renew/update their certificates as recommended every three years (please note that the previous certificate must have been attained no more than 3 years ago calculated at the time of attendance).

CPR Refresher Course

This option is designed for those who hold a current and valid First aid certificate and would like to update the CPR component (recommended to update every 12 months).

The following table details the choices available:




Part 1 – Pre Course Preparation


Part 2






Option 1 - Standard

Self study (takes most participants 2-4 hours) followed by a set of multiple choice questions must be attempted satisfactorily

Practical and theory presentations followed by assessment




Option 2 - Refresher

Not required. Will need to bring current First Aid certificate (copy and original)

Practical and theory presentations followed by assessment






Part 1 - Pre Course Preparation - required for the Standard Course Only

Standard Course - You will have to spend some time reviewing the First Aid Manual that will be issued to you on enrolment prior to your session and complete a question booklet. This will take most people (beginners) between 2- 4 hours (includes time taken to answer questions). Participants will have up to 3 months from enrolment to book for Part 2 of the course which requires attendance to a public course (1 day). Participants are expected to have made a satisfactory attempt at the questions sent out on enrolment. Please see our .


Part 2 – Theory and Practical training and/or assessment

Standard and Advanced Participants - This involves theory presentation and practical demonstration to develop/ refresh your skills and knowledge followed by theory and practical assessment. This is a one day course.

Specifically, you will cover the following skills and knowledge:

  • ARC (Australian Resuscitation Council) guidelines
  • The basic principles and concepts relating to first aid
  • The correct way to handle minor and major injuries and illnesses
  • How to respond to life threatening situations
  • Infection control principles
  • Limitations to first aiders
  • The role and use of AED's (Automated External Defibrillators)
  • Management of abdominal injuries; allergic reactions; changed states of consciousness; bleeding; burns; cardiac arrest; chest pain; choking; airways obstruction; cold and crush injuries; eye and ear injuries; head, neck and spinal injuries; skin injuries including needle stick injury; soft tissue injuries including sprains and strains; dislocations and fractures
  • Managing Envenomation; snake, spider, insect and marine bites
  • Managing environmental impact injuries including hypo and hyperthermia , dehydration and heat stroke
  • Responding to medical conditions such as cardiac conditions, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma and other respiratory conditions
  • Responding to near drowning incidents
  • Management of poisoning and toxic substance exposure
  • Responding to Shock
  • Responding to Stroke
  • Managing situations involving substance abuse
  • Social and legal issues
  • Providing information to casualties
  • Using available resources for the comfort of the casualty
  • Ensuring that your action are culturally appropriate including seeking consent
  • Assessing and monitoring the situation to determine nature of condition or injury
  • Seeking assistance where required
  • Correctly operate first aid equipment including application of bandages and dressing as required
  • Using safe handling techniques to avoid injury to casualty and first aider
  • Providing first aid based on established principles for the following: abdominal injuries; airway obstruction; allergic reactions; bleeding; burns; chest pain; cardiac arrest; altered states of consciousness; injuries such as cold, crush, eye, ear, head, neck, spine, needle stick, soft tissue and minor skin injuries; near drowning; fractures; medical conditions; poisoning and toxic substance exposure; respiratory distress; cardiac arrest; shock; and seizures.


Where are the courses held?

The public courses are held in our Bankstown training facility located at:

Unit 7 /150 Canterbury Rd,

Bankstown, NSW, 2200

You may also arrange for this 1 day component of the course to be held in your workplace, school, community centre, etc as long as the venue is suitable and there is a group of 6 or more.

If you have a group of people who would like to arrange to undertake this course then our customer service team can send you a simple facility check list that will help us assess if the location is suitable for training.

Just Careers Training can also arrange for training in other locations with sufficient notice and numbers.


When are the courses held?

Public course are held every week (subject to minimum numbers met).Check our course calendar for availabities.

The dates for our public courses are available by selecting the course calendar. On enrolment you will receive a booking form with the available dates; you must book into a public course within 3 months of enrolment.

Dates may be booked with us to suit your needs if you are completing this course in private groups (employer, schools, groups, associations etc).


What do I need to bring?

All pens, paper, writing material will be provided by Licences 4 Work.

You will need to bring;

  • Your First Aid Manual
  • Your multiple choice questions
  • Your stories and experiences!
  • Your Identification - must have all the following between document and cards: Name, Address, DOB, Photo and Signature
  • Comfortable clothing – mild physical activity will be required
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