EWP (over 11 metres) High Risk Work Licence Course

Terms and Conditions

All students will require a USI in order to get their certificates on the day , this information has been sent to you and this only takes a few minutes. You must have your USI by the end of the day / course in order to get your certificate (required to undertake their final assessment (WorkSafe Licence Assessment).

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have designed our courses in order to get you the result FIRST TIME IF YOU CHOOSE THE APPROPRIATE OPTION. Please ensure you have booked into the correct course. Booking an Advanced course when you should have booked a Standard course may result in other avoidable fees. In addition, our courses have been designed so that if you require additional training then you are more than likely going to find out BEFORE your WorkSafe Assessment (thus costing you less!)

Please note we CAN NOT guarantee a pass. This is a High Risk Work Licence that you are applying for and as such we must maintain the strict quality and safety requirements of this program inline with the intent of the legislation. We are however a quality training company that will give you all the support you require within the terms that follow

Please read your terms and conditions carefully.




Confirmation of Booking

IMPORTANT - Pre- Course Requirements:

Advanced / Standard Weeknight Option

Standard Option

Readiness for Work Safe Assessment

You may not undertake your Work Safe Assessment before being deemed ready for this assessment.

Advanced Option: If you have booked into the advanced then you will need to declare that you feel that you are ready for theory part of the WorkSafe assessment. You will also need to demonstrate the driving and practical skills (includes hazard identification and pre/post checks of the Elevating Work Platform, understanding data plates, assessing weights, planning lift etc) to your trainer BEFORE you undertake the WorkSafe Practical assessment component.

Standard Option: If you have booked into Standard option then this involves undertaking TWO Practice Tests. These tests are designed to demonstrate that you are ready for your WorkSafe Assessment. One of the Practice Tests is Theory (multiple choice) and the other is Practical (driving and operating safely).

Standard Option


WorkSafe Assessment Terms

WorkSafe tests are booked in only once you have met the requirements of the course including passing a Practice Theory and Practice Practical Test. WorkSafe tests have strict Identification Requirements and time limits.