S2 - S3 Full Course - Correspondence Delivery Terms and Conditions

1. Payment is accepted by multiple methods through our safe and secure website's payment portal, by contacting us or by completing the payment details on the enrolment form.
2. Once payment is made by the participant and accepted by Just Careers Training, the participant will receive all course materials within 5 - 10 business days.
3. Payments are non refundable once course materials are sent by Just Careers Training to the participant.
4. Participant is required to answer all questions and submit all necessary paper work required to complete the course successfully. The participant will have 3 attempts at this requirement. Failure to meet this requirement will result in a failed completion of the course. Information about our appeals process can be found on our website or in the Client/Participant Handbook found on our website and agreed to prior to commencement.
5. The participant has 6 months from the date of payment being made and accepted by Just Careers Training to complete the course.
6. Should the participant fail to complete the course within the 6 month time limit, the participants course will expire and the participant will be required to re enrol into the course.
7. Should the participant require additional time to complete the program then they should contact Just Careers Training as soon as they become aware of this need. In exceptional cases of undue hardship or circumstances then the management of Just Careers Training may offer an extension at no further cost on a case-by-case basis.
8. All materials and content sent to the participant is protected by copyright and is owned by Just Careers Training. The participant is not permitted under any circumstances to reproduce any materials.
9. Participants need to ensure that the course is completed by them and any attempts regarded as dishonest or fraudulent will result in immediate cancellation of enrolment and no refunds will be made. Just Careers Trainings assessment methods ensure that evidence of a participants skills and knowledge is confirmed as "Authentic".